Friday, September 6, 2013

5 Months Old

Our little girl turned 5 months old on Tuesday. I say it every month... Everyone tells you how fast time flies, but you never really know what they mean until you experience it yourself. We never knew how fast she would change.

Here's what I mean...

Gracious, I miss that little baby, but I'm having so much fun with her now! I feel like I have a little more freedom to go out during the day because her schedule is more regulated. Miller is rolling all over the place, starting to sit up by herself & she's army crawling everywhere! Time to purchase some outlet covers. :)

Miller is such a loving, happy baby! She usually only cries when she's sleepy & we feel really lucky that we know her to well already. Sometimes she sleeps through the night & sometimes she wakes up once to nurse. I can't complain, but I really hope she gets back on track sleeping through the night every night.
She's quite the artist, playing the piano in the nude. I pray she isn't inspired by Miley.

Here are some pictures from Boston that I forgot to include in the previous post.

fancy-pants hotel decor

sailing to Plymouth Rock

lunch with friends

She was so unimpressed with the cab ride that she slept right through it! Kudos to Ryan for getting a carseat base into a cab! Yes, we flew with a stroller, carseat & base. Let me know if you need any tips!

dinner before Fenway

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