Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Life Lately

I don't know how Noah did it. I really don't. 40 days of rain (stuck on a boat with your family, animals and their poop), many more days to let the rain water receed, then finally the rainbow. Thank you, Jesus for rainbows.

We got our rainbow today after many, many days of rain. It's been rough with two kids inside all of the time, but we managed to survive with great imagination and more screen time than I'm willing to admit.

Our house is almost done and we are scheduled to move in in 10 days! What?! I posted this picture a year ago today. We were leaving our second home, moving into the rental and had just found out we were pregnant. Things have changed a lot in 365 days!

I've been super busy lining up things for the move and buying things I forgot about early on. Geez Louise, this stuff adds up, but you can't have a front porch without a swing, am I right?

Besides house stuff, here's what we've been doing lately.

Miller is in FULL princess mode!

Wedge this guy in some pillows and he's happy long enough for me to use the bathroom alone.

On Saturday, we headed to my parents' house so Ryan could attend the Clemson/FSU game (go tigers!) and I dragged the kids up so I could visit a huge fabric store in their town. We ran into my mom's college roommate & the mom of MY college roommate. Its a really neat story & we're hoping Miller & Mary Eliza might make 3rd generation roomies!

I didn't have any luck at the fabric store, but man, I had some major luck online!

I'm working on our living room, kitchen and dining room first. The 3 fabrics on the right are possible choices for dining room curtains. The multi-colored fabric will be throw pillows for our couches. Still looking for a coordinating fabric for the chairs I've yet to buy. Baby steps.

Miller LOVES her cousins, Jake and Graham. She's always played with Jake, but now that Graham is getting older, these two seem to be closer than ever. They're exactly a year apart & I predict these two will cause some trouble for us.

Miller's imagination has been in full force lately. She's been making up new dances every day and she makes us sit and watch her every single time. Sometimes Ryan gets put into the routines.

Price started rolling this week! 

Miller is super excited to take all of her toys to the new house. I'm so thankful to have a playroom in the new house so that she can spread out & really play. Next Friday can't get here fast enough!

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