Friday, June 15, 2012

Outside Updates

We recently made some updates to the outside of our home. We had the shutters painted black to match the front door and I made a wreath to add a pop of color.

Here's what she looks like now!

No "after" would be complete without a "before," so take a look below. This is how the home looked when we bought it, blue shutters and all. The siding is grey, but looked blue against those shutters.

We conned paid some local painters to come out & paint the shutters. I wasn't about to drag my butt up ladder with the risk of dying. I hated those blue shutters, but valued my life more.

With a grey house, black shutters & lots of green (ahem, hard to kill) plants, we also needed some color. There aren't any good spots for hanging plants, so I turned to my next fool-proof option - a wreath. I headed to Carolina Pottery and grabbed some yellow spriggy-things and and a wreath form.

We still need to add a few more flowers & trim some of the plants back, but at least we've brought it into this decade!

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