Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekend Getaway

One of the main reasons I was excited to move to Lexington was to be closer to the beach. I feel like I was born to be in a bikini... at least until I have to draw the age-limit card, or until I need a one piece with a skirt. Yikes.

On a positive note, we have decided where we'd like to we will retire. Yes, at the ripe old age of 26 we have it all figured out. We stumbled upon Sullivan's Island a couple of years ago on a cool, Fall morning. It was almost magical, like a scene from a Nicholas Sparks novel, and we've been hooked ever since.

Sullivan's is the coolest seaside town with tons of locally-owned restaurants. It's the perfect place to live. Forever. And who wouldn't visit us if we lived on the ocean?

We headed down for a weekend at our favorite beach and here are some up the shots we took.

I played with this crab for about 5 minutes.

We went into Charleston Saturday night and I saw this beautiful church that I'd never seen before. I also discovered Instagram on my Droid. Danger.

After dinner at Bubba's (fancy, I know) we walked around for a couple of hours and wound up at the Battery. There are only about 4 swings & they're in high demand. We stalked out a group of 3 women & swooped in as we saw them wrapping up their conversation. Score! We hung out on the swing for about 20 minutes.

And what night would be complete without a late run to Micky D's for a vanilla cone?

On Sunday morning we ate a huge breakfast at the hotel, then headed back to the beach for a couple of hours. I ran out of sunscreen after putting in on Ryan, so I kept shifting my towel on different parts of my body so I wouldn't get burnt.

Also, a crazy man from Jersey was out fishing both days and on Sunday it took him 15 minutes to real in this guy... a giant manta ray. Geez louse. A couple of rednecks helped Jersey "unhook" it and they let it go in the water right where the kids were swimming. I was done for the day, so after this we packed up & headed home.


Goodbye, Charleston!

As soon as we got home we hit the showers, then jetted over to Columbia (gag) to watch the Tigers in an elimination game with S. Carolina. We lost by one run to end the season and the Gamecocks are going on the the Super Regionals. Bummer end to the weekend, but it couldn't put a damper on everything else we did!

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