Wednesday, June 12, 2013

10 Weeks

Miller is in full-blown teething mode. Although I doubt we'll see any buds for a couple of months, poor thing is drooling like crazy & chewing on everything she can get her lips on. She's still getting up once a night (around 4:30) to eat, but I now think it's because she's going through a growth spurt. I really hope that's it because I REALLY want her to start sleeping through the night again soon.

 Ah, the peace.
Her little personality is starting to come out. Her expressions are hilarious!
 Oh my gah what is that smell?
She's practicing sitting up. Actually, I'm just wedging her into the couch.

Aaaaand we're back up
Still working on that one
The best part, no doubt, is when she locks eyes with one of us and gives us a huge grin.

This past week we went back to the lake on Saturday morning for a walk

And celebrated Ryan's mom's birthday

We have a lot of exciting things planned for this weekend & I can't wait!

At 10 weeks Miller is now in 3-6 month pj's and is busting out of her 3 month outfits that snap. Good thing her closet is stocked for the next phase!

She's sleeping about 7 hours straight, getting up to eat, then she'll sleep for another 3-4 hours.

For me... at 10 weeks postpartum: 32 pounds lost, 3 to go!

I got serious with the calorie counter ap & it seems to be working. I fell off the wagon last night, but who can resist birthday cake from Publix?

I'm ecstatic to celebrate Ryan's first Father's Day this weekend. He's an amazing dad already & I can't wait to show him that.


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