Wednesday, June 5, 2013

9 Weeks

On Monday Miller turned two months old, and to be honest, two months was a little harder for me than one month. I cried like an idiot the night before begging her not to grow any more while Ryan watched on & wondered if he'd need to find me some meds. I gathered myself, poured out the remainder of my glass of wine and headed to bed. I clearly needed sleep.
The next Morning I pretended all was okay. I felt like a bad mom getting her ready for her appointment knowing what was to come. We celebrated Miller's two-month birthday with shots. Not the fun kind, the kind that require neon band aids. Five of them.

Poor girl screamed for two minutes after her five shots. She was only supposed to get three. One of those three was a 3-in-1, but apparently the entire NATION was running low on supply, so she had to get them all individually. I've never felt so bad for someone in my entire life. When she got home she had already forgotten about it & was acting like her old self until the soreness set in.

Her 2 month measurements were 12lbs 5oz (74th percentile); 24 inches long (90th percentile).

Before Monday she was sleeping 10-11 hours straight at night. On Monday & Tuesday night she woke up once around 4, then ate & went back to sleep. I'm hoping she'll get back to sleeping through the night again tonight.

She's drooling A LOT and gnawing on everything she can get in her mouth. Teething already? I'm sure we won't see any buds for a couple of months, but I had no idea it would start this soon!

For the most part, she's a happy, happy baby & gives us smiles like this all the time!

I can't get enough of her!

At 9 weeks postpartum: 30lbs lost, 5 to go

I've hit a stone wall with my progress, which means it's time to kick it into high gear if I want to lose that last 5 pounds. Wish me luck!

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