Saturday, August 22, 2015

Life Lately

We're settling into being a family of four! We're learning our new normal & trying to develop a new routine, which is proving to be quite difficult!

Still loving this tiny slice of heaven! Two days after birth at his first checkup, his weight had dropped to 7.14. At his two week checkup, however, he was up to 9.9 & 22" long. That's my boy!

We had Price's newborn pictures made. I'll eventually work on his birth announcements. Eventually. :)

I sent this picture to my mom & sister who were starting back to school. I captioned it, "No matter how rough your day is, at least you don't have poop on your back." 

Real life.

Price enjoyed his first trip to the house (I'm sure) & Miller went teetee on the front porch (again!)

We picked out the granite for the kitchen

Miller LOVES her baby brother!

And has him "look" at everything by shoving it on his face.

More cabinet progress!
And living room built-ins progress.

That's all for now!

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