Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Life Lately

On Sunday, we dedicated Price to The Lord at our church. This was such a special occasion and I'm so thankful our family was able to come into town for it! Our church (Radius) does a fantastic job celebrating children and their worth. Just one of the many reasons I love our church & church family!

Price was exactly 5 weeks old this day, the same age as Miller when she was dedicated!

After our family went home, we crashed on the couch for the evening.

Because I need a million pictures of him yawning :)

At 5 weeks old, Price started giving is real smiles!

Miller started her 2nd year of preschool & she's loving it! The two year olds get to use the outside playground & go to music class each week - way cooler than the one-year-old class! Her preschool also starts a learning curriculum for the two-year-olds, which is great for her!

We had to go dressy for the first day!

And casual for day 2!

And to make your jaw drop...
Day 1 of 1yr preschool & 2yr preschool. Crazy.

This is my favorite quote right now. My days are very, very, very long, but I'm trying to keep everything in perspective. Miller is testing us daily as a very vibrant two-year-old and Price, well, he's a one-month-old. :) To be honest, I'm completely exhausted. The longest stretch of sleep I've gotten in over a month is 4 hrs, and I've only gotten that twice. Price usually gets up 2-3 times each night to eat & if we've been living right, goes right back to sleep. Sometimes he stays up for a couple of hours after a feeding. The days that follow those nights are the hardest.

Plugging on, though.

The carpenters are coming along nicely with all of the built-ins.

You see empty cabinets - I see a Thanksgiving dinner cooking in the non-existent oven. The builder promises a move-in before Thanksgiving!

The interior designer who's helping us was a God-send when I had to pick out all of the tile for the house! We decided to stick with a vintage/craftsman style with light/beach-y colors. Here's what we picked for the kids' bathroom.

And the guest bathroom. Our bathroom is still up for discussion, but we will decide soon!

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