Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Two Purchases


(I found these necklaces on eBay. I searched for "statement mint necklace" and these beauties popped up. I got both for less than $10 + free shipping. Score!)


Oh, hey pregnancy! My stomach has been so large & in charge the past few weeks and I finally broke down & called the doctor yesterday. When I say large, I mean I look to be about 4-5 months pregnant, not 2. My best friend was worried I was farther along than I thought, which is why I went to my first appointment at 7 weeks instead of 8. Nope, only 7 weeks & only one baby in the belly (deep sigh of relief). Apparently my stomach grows at an unbelievable rate every time I eat. Beano was the doctor's only suggestion. Awesome. Fart meds. I hope this works so I can wear my clothes a little longer!

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