Friday, August 31, 2012

Something in These Hills

This is an excerpt taken from a poem written by Joe Sherman, Class of '34.

There is something in these hills that you and I can't define and others can't understand. A wave of warmth always surges through me when "outsiders" say, "I don't know what it is about you Clemson people, but your undying love for Clemson is admired by everyone I know."

Yes, there's something in these hills where the Blue Ridge yawns its greatness.

I have an undying love for Clemson that was instilled in me at a very young age. Mr. Sherman hit it spot on. There is something special about that place. Something that most people can't even put into words. I always get cold chills when I step back on campus and I'm immediately flooded with the most incredible memories of the best four years of my life. I know the best times in my life are yet to come, but I will always take my family back to Clemson and hope they can experience the same joy I felt there. To put it simply, I love that place and always will.

Ok, enough sappy-ness, let's talk about the real reason Clemson is on my mind today... FOOTBALL!!!

I'm a sports girl, through & through. I can call out a linebacker or center if either aren't doing their job. I know the positions, the strategies, the penalties, all of it. And I love it all (thanks, Mom). I really think this is one of the reasons Ryan fell in love with me.

I've been anticipating the start of football season for a few months and back late last year we got a call from Ryan's cousin, excited to tell us that he was getting married. We were thrilled and then he announced the wedding would be on September 1st. I stopped dead in my tracks and then uttered the devastating words... "that's the start of football season." I saw Ryan start to tear up and we both began to digest what was happening. We would have to miss Clemson's season opener against Auburn.

We find ourselves months later still a little sad that we'll miss the game tomorrow, but knowing we have the opportunity to support his cousin & new wife as they start their life together. Luckily, we think we'll make it home to watch the 2nd half on TV :)

So, in the spirit of the game, I'll leave you with this...


Dear old Clemson we will triumph,
And with all our might,
That the Tiger's roar may echo
O'er the mountain height.

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