Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Price - 2 Months Old

You're 2 months old, little man! 

Most of the pictures we took of you are blurry for this reason...

Miller ADORES you and insists on being wherever you are. You usually love this & she makes you smile really big.

You are such a happy baby! We try to keep you on a schedule as much as possible, but you really go with the flow when Miller wakes you up from a nap too early.

You smile at everyone, especially when people talk in high-pitched voices. You are so pleasant & content!

You started really smiling at 5 weeks and have recently started babbling.

Dr Joey says you're a big boy! At your 2 month checkup, you were 13lbs 14oz (85th percentile) and 25" tall (99th percentile.) You're almost off the charts, my friend.

At 9 weeks old, you slept for an 8 hour stretch for the first time. You're consistently sleeping 7.5-8 hrs at night, getting up to nurse around 4:30 or 5, then sleeping until I wake you at 7am.

Mommy & Daddy went on a date night when you were 8 weeks old (our 2nd date since you were born) and you and Miller stayed with Dr Joey & Mrs Leslie. That was your first time staying with non family members :) We're so excited to be neighbors with the Delaneys!

Your daddy and I love you so much & love watching you grow!

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