Wednesday, September 5, 2012

10 Weeks

Size: A prune (about 1.2 inches)

Major happenings for the baby: It has working arm joints & cartilage & bones are forming. The vital organs are fully developed & are starting to function. The baby has fingernails & hair starting to form & it's swallowing & kicking!

Sleep: Really good right now!

Miss Anything: Feeling normal. I never feel quite right.

Food Cravings: Luckily, these have subsided. I'm still eating a good bit, but I'm not craving anything specific.

Have you started to show? My belly has actually gone down a little (kudos to people that told me it would). Guess the beano worked!

Gender Prediction: Still a boy. A had a dream 2 nights ago about the cutest dark skinned/dark haired little boy! (Clearly this baby didn't take after me!)

Looking forward to: Seeing my family this weekend! We can't go to the Clemson game, so I get to spend all weekend vegging on my parents' couch.

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