Thursday, November 1, 2012

A New Look

I've been wanting to change my hair color for quite some time now. I wasn't shy with the cap or foils in high school (I'd go from a blond to a brunette in a hot second), but since 2004 I haven't colored my hair.

Confession/Correction - I did get a hold of a box dye a couple of months ago, which turned out okay, but other than that, my hair has been virtually untouched.

I'm easing up on 27 (January 6th, mark your calendars) and I'm starting to spurt white hairs near my crown. Not gray. White, coarse hairs. Yikes. Thanks Minnie Ruth (you'll get this if you've ever met my grandma).

I want to ease back into the world of highlights and lowlights. Baby steps, if you will. I'm really nervous that this could turn out badly. I figured I'd stick close to my normal color, just warm it up a bit. 

I've always admired Jennifer Aniston's hair. Let's be honest, hasn't everyone? She always manages to look natural with her color, so here are some of the looks I'm going to show my stylist...

Easy enough, right? Now, if she can also fix my face and get rid of these breakouts my precious little baby has given me I might pay her the big bucks! My appointment is tomorrow - no turning back now!

Oh, and for those of your who are curious, of course I asked my doctor if this is okay! :)


  1. I love the shout-out to Minnie Ruth! Also, I notice you're into stripes this it! You are also a glowing, beautiful mama-to-be.

  2. For the break's a little expensive (and spoiled :) ) but totally worth it. Monthly facials at Ulta and the Bliss "No Zit Sherlock" skincare line. It's the only thing that has taken care of my breakouts since high school. But you're still cute as a button!

  3. Thanks!! We don't have an Ulta close, but Urban Nirvana is right down the road - I shall start pampering myself soon :)