Thursday, November 15, 2012

With Love, From Logan

We all know there are bad people in the world. Just turn on the morning news and you'll get an ear full. Sometimes, though, the world surprises you and reminds you that good people still exhist.

One of those good people is a little red-headed boy named Logan. I don't know anything more about him, just that he has red hair & is a student at my mom's school, but he's a precious little thing.

My mom called me this morning and said she had to tell me a story. Here it is...

Another teacher approached my mom this morning with Logan and said, "Logan has been looking all over for you. He has something he wants to give you." Little Logan strolled beside his teacher wearing a hoodie and his hands were tucked in the pocket in the front of the shirt.

Mom leaned down and asked, "What did you want to give me, Logan?"

Sweet Logan pulled his hands out of the pocket of the hoodie and they held a single pacifier. Logan said, "I wanted to get something for the new baby."

As he handed it to my mom (who, was of course, fighting back tears at this point), she asked, "Is this for my new grandbaby?"

Logan replied, "Yes ma'am. I asked my mom if she'd take me to get something for the baby."

Of course my mom doted over the precious boy for a few minutes and thanked him over and over, but how sweet is that? How many little boys would think to do something that thoughtful?

I'm so thankful there are still good people running around this crazy world.

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