Monday, November 19, 2012

Best Friend Day 2k12

Have you ever been so enamored with something, but you were a little ashamed because you knew it wasn't cool? Chill out, video gamers. I'm not picking on you today (although I eventually will, so get ready.) No, I'm talking about something much more real. Fasten you seat belts, ladies. We're jumping into the wild world of HIGH SCHOOL CHEERLEADING.

If you weren't a competitive cheerleader (or weren't a crazy cheer mom), you probably won't understand. Cheerleaders are of a different breed. This stuff gets in your blood like rat poison, and a lot of times, stays with you forever.

I ashamedly admit I still know 99%... who am I kidding, 100% of my high school cheers & dances. My husband frequently finds me doing them in our bathroom. I used to be embarrassed & tried to convince him I was yoga stretching or something when he caught me, but now I don't care. He took vows, he's locked in for life.

Cheerleading is my crack (better than real crack, right?) Once I get a little taste of it I can't get enough. I haven't cheered since my freshman year in college & most of the time I regret not cheering throughout college.

My best friend shares the same passion for this sport (please don't try to start an argument with me about cheerleading being a sport). Competitive cheerleading is a sport. Sideline cheerleading, probably not. End of discussion.

Back to what I was saying... my best friend, Jamie, shares the same passion for cheerleading that I do. We've made it a bit of a tradition to go to at least one cheerleading competition together each year. This year we went to two, including State this past Saturday. To commemorate this momentous occasion, Jamie named Saturday "Best Friend Day 2k12." She'll probably be mortified that I leaked this to the general public if she reads this post. :)

We made big plans for Saturday and decided to make a full day of it. We started off bright and early - AAA didn't start until 2:00. I picked her up at 11:15 and we headed to downtown Greenville to Brick Street Cafe. If you live or have ever been anywhere near Greenville and haven't stopped into this restaurant, shame on you. They have, arguably, the best cake ever made. Ever.

We both ate a reasonable lunch because we knew what was coming... SWEET POTATO CAKE. Oh my gosh. This stuff is absolutely ridiculous. Trust me, you've got to try it. It doesn't taste like sweet potatoes, just heaven on a plate.

After we awoke from our food coma, we headed over to the Bi-Lo center for the main event. I mentioned we got started a little early, so we had to sit for about an hour before the competition started. No big deal for us. We got to people watch.

The AAA squads were first. Both of our high schools competed in this division & Jamie's Alma Mater got 2nd!

AAA Parade of Teams

Palmetto, my high school

Wren, Jamie's high school

Mauldin (one of my closest friends coaches here)

Jamie & I had the best day together & I can't wait until next year. Maybe we'll both be coaching! ... Or maybe we'll spend the entire day eating cake & people watching again :)

On another note, this article was in my parents' hometown newspaper. The first line made me giggle. I love small towns.

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