Monday, May 18, 2015

Life Lately

We had QUITE the weekend. We managed to get Miller potty trained (we think.) I'll do a separate post on that so I can look back at it when we have to tackle it with #2.

Besides potty training, here's what life has been like...

This goofball's last day of 1yr old preschool is Wednesday. I've already cried wondering what in the world I'll do without my 3.5 free hours each week. Now I'll have to take her to the grocery store with me 😳

29 weeks along with this little boy. I had a great 28 week checkup & passed my glucose test (thank you, Jesus!)

Lots has happened with the house framing, but I've been stuck at home all weekend, so I can't wait to head out there & take some new pictures of the progress.

Last but not least... Miller continues to BLOW my MIND! One day last week I asked her to write her name (we're working on letter recognition even though she can't write the letters), and she spelled it out loud! I had no idea she'd memorized how to spell her name. Guess I'll give her the summer off from learning 😀 She turned two last month & her little brain is soaking up everything around her!

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