Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Life Lately & House Update

We're about 2.5 months into our house build & I cannot believe how fast this is going! Our builder originally wanted to have us in sometime in December, but now he's expecting November. Hooray!

Stone will cover the front of the garage & the front porch. They recently started putting it up & I love it! This was, by far, the most nerve-wracking decision we've had to make.

Some of the framing/trim has gone up. We're going with a craftsman style.

Drywall in the playroom 

Miller's room. I love all of the character in her room!

We chose stairs with a landing 1/2 way down, that way if a kid falls, he/she only falls half way. Smart, huh?

Downstairs looks pretty much the same - waiting on drywall.

Can't wait to turn this into a kitchen!

You can barely tell from this picture, but we have a small lake view from the front porch & an even better one from the front yard.

July 4th was pretty laid back for us. Ryan is still making me rest a lot, so Friday night we celebrated 3 girls' birthdays. Piper turned 2 on the 3rd, her cousin Durham will turn 6 on the 9th & Durham's sister Hyatt will turn 3 in August. Smart to roll that into one party!

Piper & Miller. The big two year olds!

Hyatt, who's almost 3 with Miller.

Right after cupcakes, so they're happy!

The kids took a dip in the lake

And got to hold their very own sparklers!

On Saturday we hung out at the house for a bit & had a picnic on our new back porch.

On Sunday we went to church, then to the pool. What a fun weekend celebrating our country's freedom!

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