Monday, July 20, 2015

Life Lately

It's 2:45am. I'm currently lying in bed, counting inconsistent contractions & wondering if I'll ever know what it's like to go into labor on my own. Doubtful. It's Monday, July 20th. I started my 38th week of pregnancy yesterday and I'm scheduled to be induced on the 28th if Price hasn't come on his own. You see, in addition to big bellies, I also make big babies and the doctor wants to give me a chance to deliver Price, rather than me go full-term and almost guarantee a c-section. I may never know the rush, excitement & fear of going into labor out of the blue & unannounced, but for now I need to be okay with that.

On another note... Here's what's been happening in our lives lately.

The sweetest friends in the world (our village) threw us a little party to celebrate Price at the Pine Island Club. Such a best place on Lake Murray!

We trusted the dads to watch the kids so the moms could take a break. They were supposed to be on the playground, but we looked out the window & found them all swimming in the lake, FULLY CLOTHED! This wouldn't have been so bad if anyone had been prepared to bring a change of clothes. 

Luckily, because of Miller's potty training, I still carry around a spare & some undies, so we were set.

Not long into the party, the kids were being silly and running around, trying to escape out the doors of the cabin we were in. Unfortunately, Miller's fingers were shut in the door & she broke her thumb. It was fairly traumatic for both her & me, but she was a trooper at the ER, especially when she had to get the cast on. We were very fortunate to be at the lake with two surgeons. One followed us to the ER & put the cast on. Praise Jesus for friends in the business!

She sleeps great at night with it on, but she gets very frustrated with it during the day. We're so ready to get this thing off!

On Friday, we experienced the lowest temps of the week (95*), so we went to the zoo that morning.

And then there's this..

Ryan and I have both been thinking it for a while, but have been too afraid to say it out loud. We got it so wrong with the exterior paint color on our house. 

Once we saw the shakers painted that light taupe-y color, we were finally able to admit it. We needed the whole house (shakers & hardie board) this lighter color. 

This was the house we feel in love with at first site when we were in the planning stages. See how much lighter the paint is? So... Operation paint the house is underway. I'm sure our builder loves us right now.

In the meantime, the first coat of primer is up on all of the walls. Paint is next!

Miller helped Daddy cut the grass on Saturday. The look is both functional & stylish. #safetyfirst

She sleeps well at night, but has been falling asleep in the car in the late afternoon after she pitches a huge fit. Lord, please let us get that cast off soon!

That's all for now! Hopefully we'll have a new baby, a cast-free two-year-old and a new color on the house soon!

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