Saturday, July 4, 2015

Garden City

We headed to Garden City with my mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law & nephews last week. We couldn't have asked for better weather & a more fun week! Coming off the scary hospital visit a week prior, I was forced by everyone to take it easy all week, which meant a lot of sitting (especially inside.) I didn't care for that too much & it didn't provide me much of a chance to catch some rays, but I felt a lot more rested with all of the help. Everyone pitched in to take care of Miller, with Ryan doing majority of the work. God bless that man. He's a saint!

Morning yoga session on the sand

Miller and Jake LOVE each other!

Night #2 we took the kids to Broadway at the Beach to ride all of the fun things we rode as kids. 

Sweet Jake rode all of the baby rides with Miller without complaining one time.

I CANNOT believe Miller wanted to ride the Ferris wheel. She's getting so big!

Graham was fantastic the entire time!

Miller was too small for Myrtle Turtle. Katie took one for the team so Jake could ride.

Ryan definitely took one for the team on the Frog Hopper.

Katie and I LOVED the Pirate Ship when we were young. Jake was disappointed it wasn't actually in the water.

Sassy pants driving her boat

My view for most of the week & who would complain?

Miller convinced her Daddy to have cheer practice in the pool.

These two are nuts together!

35 weeks along with this big 'ol belly!

Graham soaked up being the baby & got lots of cuddle time! He's 15 months old.

One of my favorite pictures of Miller. I pray she always feels this free at the beach!

On our last night we went to River City Cafe. My dad snapped this precious pic of me & my girl!

Our first attempt at coordinating the kids' clothes! Graham loves to eat & was way more excited than the older two who are too busy for it.

These two melt my heart!

How these two felt about vacation ending...

Can't wait to make more memories next year! Thanks for a wonderful week, Mama & Daddy!

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