Thursday, April 19, 2012

Glass Front Cabinets

Lately I've been obsessing over our kitchen, and the fact that we still have green counter tops. I made the mistake of reading a post from February where I talked about my vision for our kitchen. I really thought back in February that our kitchen would be complete by this Summer. Now, I'm hoping for the Fall. I have so many ideas, but right now we're pouring all of our resources into the office. It'll have to wait a little longer, but mark my words that this WILL get done. One day. :)

I know I want a light cabinet color (maybe a white with a hint of almond - sounds like it would be good in my coffee), but I'm still struggling over counter tops and back splashes. I know I have a tendency to love trendy things, but I promised myself I'd stay timeless with this kitchen. I want to love this design 10 years from now.

Our kitchen is pretty standard, just builder grade. I think I found a way to jazz it up, though. While mulling over pictures on, I started to notice lots of my favorite kitchens had glass-front cabinets. Not the scary kind where the entire upper half is see-through, but just a couple, just enough to make it interesting. I love the three examples below.

I want to make the two cabinets on either side of my sink glass-front. I got the slightly OCD gene of organization that my sister has (although we're not quite sure which parent it came from). I can just image stacking colorful plates & glasses in these cabinets to add an extra element of style to our kitchen and it makes me so excited!

Pennsylvania Farm House traditional kitchen

causey kitchen island traditional kitchen

Our Projects: Kitchens contemporary kitchen

I'm tempted to rip the doors off tomorrow and take them to Hobby Lobby to get them fitted for glass. (Yes, I know I can't do that and I'll have to hire a professional), but I'm so tired of waiting! Until then, I'll dream about my glass-fronts and occasionally browse the isles of TJ Maxx hoping for some beautiful pieces.

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