Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Funday

Don't you love how a day can start out so normal, but can turn into one of your favorites? Today was one of those.

Ryan & I have been meaning to get down to Barnwell since Price was born. Traveling with two young kids isn't our favorite activity (that's putting it nicely), but we were anxious to get down there so Ryan's grandmother could meet Price.

It's Friday & it's football season, so we're decked out in our tiger gear!

Ryan's sister, Megan, is our favorite babysitter!

Megan caught wind that I had a major #momfail and STILL hadn't carved a pumpkin with Miller. Bless her sweet heart, she helped us carve a tiger paw pumpkin.

After pumpkin carving & naps, we finally made it to Momma Grubbs' house & spent some quality time with her.

We made it back to Lexington just in time to grab Rush's and check on the progress at the new house before the sun set.

I'm loving Halloween this year with Miller. Tomorrow should be so much fun!

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