Sunday, October 4, 2015

Life Lately

This kid. I could squeeze him.

Miller loves him, but she absolutely beats the tar out of him sometimes. It's usually on accident, but sometimes it's not. I'm exhausted from watching her like a hawk.

We had to say "see you soon" to one of our best friends. These girls (+ Molly who left before the pic) have become like family to me. Britney's (white shirt) husband landed his dream job back in her home town. It was a no-brainer for them to make the move to VA, but our hearts broke big time when they rolled out of Lexington.

Last weekend I got to spend a day with some of my very best friends from college. We had the best time catching up & showering Kelley (wedding) and Jenn (1st baby.)

Here we are at Sip in downtown Greenville. We ALWAYS have a wonderful time when we're together!

Miller got her hair cut & her nails painted afterwords. She was so excited to show everyone her "sparkly fingers."

She was really digging this outfit for school & asked me to take her picture.

If my resting face were this cute, I wouldn't mind candid pics.

On Friday we headed to the Upstate because Clemson was playing Notre Dame. Miller REFUSED to use her diaper on the way, so her poor daddy had to stop in the rain to let her use the potty.

I spent some time Saturday with my best friend (why didn't we take a pic??) and Miller played dress-up at my parents'.

Ryan got to (and I use that phrase lightly) go to the game with Josh. I can't believe they actually took a selfie! The things you'll do when you're so excited to be in a monsoon watching your favorite team.

We beat Notre Dame! GO TIGERS!!

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