Sunday, October 11, 2015

House Update

Everyone keeps asking how soon we'll be moving in. We say, "We're so close!" But honestly, it feels so far away. 

Here's where we are today...

I'm pretty excited about that dining room light.

The first coat of interior paint is up & the hardwoods need to be stained.

The appliances are hanging out in the living room.

I stuck a girly chandelier over our tub. Ryan is still getting used to it :)

We have a vanity & faucets, but no doors attached. Nor do we have a finished tile job. Unfortunately our tile guy was hospitalized half way through the job. I promised we weren't the ones who sent him there!

Still need carpet in the bedrooms & playroom.

Our driveway was supposed to be put in the week before the flood hit. We got MAJOR rain for two weeks, so that set us back a lot. We've decided we actually like the exterior paint color on the hardie siding; we just don't like the light color on the shakers. We're going to paint the shakers to match the hardie & that should do the trick. Hopefully. 

So, obviously, there's still a lot to do, but our builder says we'll be in before Thanksgiving. Who's coming over for turkey??

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