Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dog Days

Our dogs have been getting a little antsy lately. I can't blame them. We haven't been home much and certainly haven't been able to let them out of their fence nearly as much as we need to. I got a call Thursday while I was at work and a sweet lady said, "Ma'am, I think I have your dogs." My immediate response... "I'm sure you do." I felt terrible, but in a way I saw it coming. It had been raining for 3 days straight & I could tell Baker was getting ready to bolt. Luckily, after they dug out and began their journey, they were found in the neighborhood playground by a sweet lady in our neighborhood. I left work, went home & lined my back seat with towels, picked them up at the sweet lady's house and took them back home. After I filled in the hole they dug out (in the rain, remind you), and stepped in a giant pile of poo, I ran upstairs, changed my pants (and shoes) and headed back to work. I hadn't been back at work for 5 minutes when I got a call from Ryan: "They're out again." I wanted to throw up. All that time I spent was for nothing. I was more than ready to give them up for adoption, but Ryan talked me off the cliff later that evening. We decided that night that we needed to devote more time to the pups. They are precious when they aren't desperate, and we could help keep them from getting that way.

We decided we'd take them to Ryan's family land in Barnwell on Saturday. Around lunch time we set off with the dogs in the back seat. (We were scared to put them in the back of the truck because of Baker's last ride when he made a jump for it on Hwy 123 - not a good outcome). So, the 4 of us set off for our trip to Barnwell.

We made a pit stop at McDonald's and grabbed them some burgers & a water (this is not a joke). Beau at his burger in one bite, then stole Baker's right out of his mouth!
This is how Beau rode most of the time. He loves to feel the wind in his hair, but his eyes dry out easily, so he has to keep them shut.
Here's Baker's riding preference, if he's not laying down & taking up the whole seat.

This picture cracks me up so much!

This is the view we saw most of the day - the dogs ran for 2 straight hours!

They kept running away & Ryan would have to wrangle them back in - he looked like a sheep herder!

We met Ryan's dad & sister out at the land with their lab, Ace. These three had the best afternoon playing together.

 I'm so glad we devoted a day to our sweet dogs!


  1. Awwww...Looks like they had a blast!!!

  2. So sweet! They look like they had the best time! :) Love it!!