Friday, May 4, 2012

Agent Ryan Grubbs

What a crazy, crazy week this has been. Ryan officially opened his State Farm office on Tuesday and he hasn't made it home before 9:30 any night (except tonight - but he's still on his laptop plugging away!) Things are rolling along quite nicely and I'd say we're well on track to have a great first year. Besides the exhaustion things are going really well!

A couple of weeks ago we redid Ryan's office to make it more personalize. He was too preoccupied with paperwork, so he put full trust in me to pick out the color, and put in on the walls. Major fail. He hated it. After 3 hours of painting the cool, modern grey he knew it had to be changed. I tried my hardest to convince him it looked great, but his comments that included, "I feel like I'm in a jail cell," "It looks smokey in here," "I feel like I'm back in elementary school with cement walls" made me realize it had to be painted over.

Fast forward to 3 days later and we were back in there. I picked two "guy" colors from Home Depot that were much warmer. My favorite, "Squirrel," was the main color. It' a greyish-green and almost makes you feel like you're outside. I'm not sure what the accent color is called, though. It's hard to forget a paint color named "Squirrel." Here's what the office looks like now.

I found all of the wall art at Hobby Lobby. He wanted this wall to reflect him so people would know more about him right off the bat when they cam in his office. Not sure the last time he changed his own oil or drove on Route 66, but it works.

I couldn't be more proud of my husband. He's worked so hard to get this far & I know he's going to continue to be successful and impress this everyone!

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