Sunday, May 6, 2012

Foyer Makeover

Ryan finally lifted the spending freeze (just slightly), so I went on a binge after I decided our foyer needed a makeover. Here's the foyer before (all white & plain)

And here it is now...

The color is "Thunder" by Benjamin Moore. It's an easy greige (grey/beige) that's light enough for this small space. I love dark colors, but knew I needed to lean to the other end of the spectrum for this space that gets little natural light.

I found the table at Marshall's. I'm so into this French blue/grey right now & I was thrilled when I found this piece. The picture frame & silver candle holder are from TJ Maxx and the lamp/lampshade from Target. (We do plan to tack up the cord so it's not as noticeable). The rug in the hallway is also from Target and the basket to hold our loose shoes is an old one I had.

I love the burlap shade with with rope detail - very Pottery Barn-ish. I chose the shiny black base to make it a bit more modern. That's why I also pulled in the silver candle holder into the mix. The table's style is very traditional and I wanted to pull in some modern elements to off set it just a bit. (Please excuse the lefover sticker on the picture frame).

We still need to put some things on the walls, but it's a great start! I'm trying to decide if I'll do a gallery wall in the hallway - there's plenty of blank space for it and I have a lot of pictures I'd love to see every day. Once again, here it is...

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