Wednesday, March 27, 2013

39 Weeks

Size: A watermelon!! I seriously have no doubt.

Major happenings this week: We've entered into our last week of pregnancy.
Sleep: Great!

Miss Anything: Everything. Today, it's a tan. Tomorrow, who knows. I'm so ready to get my body {somewhat} back to myself.

Food Cravings: Vanilla ice cream this week 
Bellybutton in or out? Out
Wedding rings on or off? On.

Gender: Girl!

What's been happening: Lots & lots of stuff
. See below.
Looking forward to: Holding our baby girl. The end is in sight!

Anxious about: Her being too big for me.
** We went to our 39 week appointment yesterday. Lots of great things happened, some not so great. My doctor checked me again & although I'd thinned out even more, I hadn't dilated any more. Still at 1/2 cm {dangit}. She measured my belly & it was measuring at 41 weeks. Still a big girl in there.
Next came the fun talk. Induction. I know I'm more than likely carrying a big baby (unless my fluid levels have increased again), so I knew I couldn't wait too much longer. I decided to give Miller until her due date to come on her own, so unless she comes before, I'll be induced on April 3rd. 7 days from now. Holy crap.
It's incredible to have an end in sight and I think my doctor would've allowed me to be induced earlier than the 3rd, but I wanted to give Miller a chance to come on her own. I REALLY don't want to be induced because I know it can be a long, drawn out process and could potentially end in a c-section (which it might any way if she's too big for me). Plus, I can't survive on Dum Dums & popsicles alone. My doctor offered to do an ultrasound to see if we could get an estimate on her current size, but she also informed me that the readings aren't always accurate, so I didn't want to waste the money.
So, sit and wait we will. Scratch that. Walk like it's going out of style, we will. As soon as we left the appointment, we went straight to Walmart for a 30 minute walk. One 30 minute walk & $55 later, we were out of there. Good thing we didn't go for a walk in Target! I really hope I can take advantage of the climbing temps outside so we don't go bankrupt.
After a minor freak-out last night that consisted of me going back & forth in my mind about inducing earlier because she may be too big, but I'd rather her come on her own, but I really don't want her to come earlier because I want everyone to be there, but I also don't want to wait too long so everyone gets ample time with her... gosh I'm exhausted just thinking about it... I found this sign this morning:
Miller will come when she's ready, when the time is right. It will be perfect and it will be God's plan. So now, I'm letting go and letting God. It's His child, after all. He knows what's best for her. Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare for the next week. We apprecaite it more than you'll ever know!


  1. You are forever in my prayers my dear!! I can't wait for this new adventure in your life and this incredible blessing. We're anxiously awaiting our text message... "It's Miller Time!!!!"

    Love you!

  2. Just read this now! Praying for you after I write this! Love you 3!!