Monday, March 4, 2013

Shower #2!

Our second shower was on February 17th in Greenville. The shower was given by nine of my closest friends from college & beyond. I have such a special bond with these ladies and I've blogged about it here. We're such a close-nit group and can really be ourselves around each other. We seriously have the most fun together!

I was so excited to spend the afternoon with all of these girls and they gave me such a wonderful shower. They already love Miller so much, which makes me even more excited for her arrival!

   Becca was so sweet to host the                                                                         Kelley & me
            shower at her house!

My friend Nikki was 23 weeeks pregnant                                                    Miller's bow holder!
during this picture. Seriously?

  My sweet sister with Jenn the Hen

The dress I wore was from the Old Navy regular section. I broke one of my cardinal rules of maternity wear (fitted & flattering) and I paid for it. Note to self & every other prego - stick with fitted maternity clothes! They're made to hug the bump!

Thanks to my sweet friends for such an amazing shower. I love you all!

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