Wednesday, May 22, 2013

7 Weeks

Little Miss Miller is 7 weeks old today! She's constantly changing & I'm loving every minute more and more.

Why are they so cute all smooshed in their car seats?
She LOVES her swing!
Bright-eyed in the morning time!
This past weekend we attended a wedding for Ryan's cousin, Cullen. The Lake Murray setting was beautiful and we had a great time.

Dancing with her great-grandmother, BJ

Just like every other good American, the Electric Slide put her to sleep
At 7 weeks postpartum: 28lbs lost, 7 left to lose
Progress, people! I've worked out a couple of times, but I think the most effective thing has been counting calories, and watching Days of Our Lives. Just kidding, but I wish that were true. If I spent the same amount of time working out that I spend watching that show I'd be one fit mama.
Is there anything better than holding your baby while she sleeps? ... with her mouth wide open


  1. Love it Amy! We took Anna Claire to Phil's brother's wedding when she was just about the same age. Looking back at your pictures makes me remember that.

    1. She's growing way too fast! It's hard to believe almost 2 months have passed so quickly.