Sunday, May 5, 2013

Miller is One Month!

Miller turned one month old this past Friday and we couldn't believe how fast the time flew! She's such a big girl!

At her two week checkup, she had already grown an inch, and a week later had gained almost a pound since birth. Her official stats when she was last checked were weight: 9lbs 7oz and height: 22.5 inches.

Miller has become a lot more alert! When we brought her home she was only awake for a total of an hour a day and could've slept through a freight train in her room. She stays awake for longer periods of time now & is really starting to respond with smiles & some cooing. She loves when Ryan sings to her, but usually cries when I do.

She loves sitting up, being carried around and riding in the car. Overall, she's a really great baby. She usually only cries when she's hungry or if she's fighting sleep... or if I'm singing... and that only lasts for a couple of minutes. She gets up once a night to eat, then I put her right back down. Yes, we know we're lucky. Yes, we've been told by multiple people that our next child will likely be a terror. Thanks, everyone.

People ask me all the time how I'm feeling and I think they're surprised by the answer. I feel really, really great. I know I wouldn't feel this good if she didn't sleep as well as she does. The first 3 weeks were rough getting used to nursing & recovering from the delivery, but I've gotten the hang of things and we've all three adjusted really well.

Everyone wants to know, but no one ever asks, so I'll just put it out there. I gained 33 pounds with this pregnancy. My goal was less than 40, so mission accomplished. I was already a couple of pounds over where I wanted to be when I started, so I had a total of 35 to lose. To date, I've lost 26, and I have 9 to go. I've really adjusted my diet because I'm committed to loosing it all before our first beach trip mid July. I'm ready to start working out again & hopefully I'll be able to do that after my 6 week check up in a couple of weeks. I'll likely blog about my progress to keep myself accountable.

I can't wait to watch my little girl develop & to track her progress on here!

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