Monday, September 24, 2012

12 Week Appointment

We had our 12 week appointment last Friday, and boy were we anxious. We knew we were just getting out of the "dangerous stage," so needless to say, we were on the edge of our seats until we heard our sweet baby's heartbeat. Take a look at these pictures...

7 weeks

12 weeks

Our baby has gone from a Munk-cocoon to a strapless bra in just 5 weeks. The week-by-week growth really does amaze me. In the 12 week picture, the head is on the left & the body on the right - I told you it has a 1:1 head to body ratio right now! You can actually see some the of the features of the baby in this photo...

The baby is facing straight up & you can see its right eye, nose & mouth. It looks like it has a neck, but I'm not fooled. No babies have necks. Have you ever seen a baby in a turtleneck? That's what I thought.

The baby was moving around like crazy throughout the entire ultrasound. I had a big glass of orange juice that morning & apparently that did the trick. The baby's arms & legs were moving all around & all we could do was sit & stare.

The heart rate moved up to 161 and the tech measured for Downs - all looks great & the baby seems perfectly healthy at this point. What more could we ask for?

That's right... what the heck are we having? The ultrasound tech convinced me that she'll be able to tell at 16 weeks, so we head back on October 18th to get the verdict. 3 & 1/2 weeks - eeks!!! This just got real. Y'all know I'm 100% convinced it's a boy, but everyone isn't, so it's going to be so much fun to reveal the gender once we know for sure!

On another note, Clemson lost a tough one on Saturday, but the Saturday before, we headed up to the game against Furman & were able to hang out with friends & family all weekend.

First, our friends Josh & Leslie flew in from Pittsburgh for a wedding & we got to meet up with them in Greenville for dessert Friday night.

These were taken before the Furman game. I wish I had pictures of everyone we spent time with that weekend!

Can't wait to head back to the Upstate in a couple of weeks for another game & more family time!

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