Friday, September 14, 2012

Big Changes

I put in my resignation last week & today is my last day at my job. Kind of crazy, but I'm so excited. Ryan & I had always planned for me to help him at his agency; we just never anticipated it would happen so soon.

Once we found out we were expecting, our minds started turning & we started budgeting. At first we thought I'd stay at my job until after the baby came, then I'd start helping him out at the agency.

After a lot of thought we realized it would probably be better for me to learn the ropes before I take maternity leave. That way when I'm ready to work again, I can jump back in the saddle with no training and I can work from home.

I feel so blessed to be able to work from home and help my husband out at the same time and major bonus... my new little monkey will be home with me! I can't wait to watch this baby grow over the first year.

I thought people would be really hesitant to the idea of us working together, but everyone has been super supportive. Most everyone has said, "You'll never get this time back. Take advantage of it while you can." I plan to do just that! I'm so thankful Ryan made what seemed like an impossible dream a reality!

Don't worry, I still plan to conquer the world - one agency at a time!

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