Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jumping on the Bandwagon

I have an annoying desire to be different - I always have. If everyone goes right, I go left. I think this stems from my hatred for people telling me what to do if they don't have the authority to, so when the iphone 4s came out, I immediately ran in the other direction and straight into the crap-shoot Droid. I've regretted this decision every day. That darn thing can't hold battery life any better than my left foot.

I remember heading off to college & my dad insisted that I get an Apple laptop to take to school. I demanded that I get the University-approved IBM... another mistake. Note to self - listen to the man who knows technology better than most Geek Squad members.

This time I won't be stubborn or hard-headed. I will break down & buy the new iphone 5 with the rest of the world. I'm so pumped to get a phone that won't die by 2:00 (when I've sucked the life out of it playing solitaire & surfing facebook).

I'm due for an upgrade in October & I've heard these go on sale the end of this month. Could this be any more perfect? Anyone else pumped to have more battery life to surf through stranger's meaningless status updates?

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