Sunday, February 26, 2012

Our New Home

So many people (okay, two people) have been asking for pictures of the new house. It'll be ours in just a few short days - we close this Friday! Check her out :)

Rainy Day

Living Room - 25 foot ceilings!Yikes! How am I supposed to change those bulbs??

FINALLY we get a fireplace!!

Hallway that leads to the 1/2 bath & basement


Dining Room

This is the view standing in the breakfast eating area.

Guest Bathroom

Guest Room - those shelves will go (they remind me of porcelain doll holders)

Guest Room


Master Bath

Master Bath

1/2 Bath on the Main Floor

The view as you enter the basement.

Full Bath in the Basement

Bonus Room

Basement Bedroom

View of Backyard from the Top Deck (off the breakfast eating area)

Backyard & Bottom Deck


  1. It look amazing, Amy! So huge compared to your old one, right!! I can't wait to see all that you do to it. Dinner night at your house once you're settled in!!

  2. Not even funny, Mandy. You know I'm now in a full blown sweat! Ashley & I talked about it this morning, actually. If I host dinner, we're doing pizza takeout!

    1. HAHA!! I love it! We don't need dinner, I just want to come help celebrate your new house. I'm so excited for ya'll!