Monday, February 20, 2012

Prank Calling

I have the sweetest sister-in-law. Seriously, the sweetest, and she has a precious boyfriend named Charles. Charles is in his first year of pharmacy school in Columbia and I’m so excited because we’ll be seeing them a lot more. Ryan’s family came to Lexington today to celebrate his birthday and I got the brilliant idea to prank-call the pharmacist-in-training at work. He’s pretty soft spoken and I love to ask him awkward medical questions any time we’re together.

I called CVS & asked for Charles. As I anxiously waited for him to come on the other line, all of my in-laws were already doubled over in the car. Yes, all 5 of us sitting in our rental car… in the parking lot of our hotel. Wholesome family fun.

FINALLY he came on the other line and this is how the conversation went…

Me: “Hi, Charles. A friend of mine came in the other day and told me you were so helpful to her and that I should call you.”

Charles: Silent Pause
Me: “Well, I have this problem… It’s a… um… a have a small rash. In my nether regions.”
Charles: “Yes ma’am.”
Me: “Well, it itches really bad and I’m not sure what I can do about it. I wanted to see if you knew of some type of cream I could use.”
Charles: “Ok, ma’am. Hold on just a second and I’ll check with my pharmacist and see what she recommends.”
About 3 whole minutes went by. Everyone in the car was laughing so hard we almost got caught when he came back on the line.
Charles: “You still there?
Me: “Yep.”
Charles: “Ok, the pharmacist said you need to use hydrocortisone cream.”
Me: “Ok. Thank you so much. I really do appreciate your help. Can you do me one favor? Can you write down my name & number and have the pharmacist give me call later?”
Charles: “Sure, sure. That’ll be fine.”
Me: “Ok, my name is Amy. … Grubbs {laugher erupts in the car}
Charles: “Oh my gosh. I was hoping you weren’t serious! I already asked the pharmacist if the person on line 2 was prank calling me!”

Mission = success. I haven’t prank-called someone in years. And let me tell you – it felt awesome! You should all prank call someone this week. I promise it’ll put a smile on your face. :)

Charles & Megan

Megan & Me

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