Tuesday, February 28, 2012


That’s how I feel these days. Just overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by buying a new home, by packing up our current home, by working in a new place that I’m trying to love (Columbia = garnet central, yuck!), by living in in hotel…

… by being loved more than any one person has ever been loved in the entire world. I have never been so overwhelmed by how blessed I really am.

Let's start with these two.
My parents are the most loving, generous, thoughtful, selfless people I know. They have an immeasurable love for each other and have spent the past 26 years teaching me to love as they do. It’s ridiculous how awesome they are. I’ve always been overwhelmed by their generosity, but the level at which they give of themselves has become more evident in my adulthood. I only hope I can give to others like they have given to us.

I’m also overwhelmed by this incredible group of people.

Last Friday night, Ryan & I were supposed to meet our friends, Greg & Suzy for dinner. When we showed up (20 minutes late), we discovered over 25 of our friends had gotten together to throw us a surprise going away party. What’s even better? This is just part of our Sunday School class from church. Not even kidding. We have the best church ever and I’m going to miss these people like crazy. If you're anywhere near Greenville, you've got to check out this church.

We spent the rest of last weekend celebrating my grandma’s 84th birthday. She was so excited to finally have her 21st birthday (she’s a Leap Year baby)! I absolutely love spending time with my whole family.

We wrapped up Saturday night with some quality time with these two – our best friends Josh & Jamie. Although we won’t live 10 minutes apart any more, we’ll make more of an effort to see each other!

I’ve never been so overwhelmed. God has blessed us with an incredible family, wonder friends, a new home and a chance to make history with this State Farm agency Ryan will be opening in May. Maybe being overwhelmed isn’t so bad after all.

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