Thursday, March 15, 2012

Skeeterz & Pollen

I knew some things would be different when we moved to the Midlands, but holy bugs and holy pollen. I have more mosquito bites on my legs than I did when I was seven, and just last week when I stepped out on our back porch it looked like someone had splattered neon yellow paint all over everything. I was horrified and thought Ryan had gone insane with a can of spray paint. I wish he had because that would’ve been easier to get rid of.

Ryan had warned me that bugs were worse the further south you go, but I had to witness it for myself. I think I’ve swallowed 10-12. (We’ve gone running on the dam 3times. I swallow an average of 3 on each run and twice I’ve found a little guy stuck in my chap stick.) I hear bugs are full of protein… or someone else’s blood… oh well, I just eat them because it would be rude to spit in front of everyone. This might be the prissiest thing I’ve ever done, but I took it upon myself to research this insect issue. Who knew you could actually make a living getting rid of mosquitos? Well, these people did: the MosquitoSquad.

Special offer!!!
$39 One Time Introductory Mosquito Barrier Spray

This may go into next month’s budget.

And the pollen. Don’t even get me started. My sister & I were those kids who had to take allergy shots twice a week, every week. It’s a walking snot-fest this time every year. Wish me luck!

I wanted to share this incredibly adorable picture of my nephew from this week. I can’t get enough of this cool dude!

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