Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weekend in Review

Hang tight with me. We had a fantastic weekend & I wanted to make sure you were able to enjoy it as much as we did! We found out a couple of weeks ago that neither of my parents had ever seen "The Sandlot." Crazy, right? We thought so, so when we arrived at my parents' Saturday morning at 10:00, we popped it right in. Dad watched most of it, but it was interrupted by the normal family time & Mom trying to make lunch for all of us. I guess Jake enjoyed the parts he saw b/c he wanted to play with this bat the whole time. I don't think he enjoyed it at all...


Here's one of my sweet sister & me.

Mom made some delicious chicken fingers (recipe to come later), mashed potatoes & other stuff for lunch. Katie & I would always split the beaters once Mom had the potatoes made, but Jake & I started our own tradition!

Even Poly tried to get in on the action! Napoleon (Poly) is the dog/child that replaced my sister & I when we both got married.

Saturday night we got to go to Calhoun Falls, SC for the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to. This wedding looked like something straight out of Pinterest. I'll do a whole post on it when her photographer posts her pictures, but for now, here's what you get!

My best friend, Jamie.

And because we can never have enough pictures together...

Here's a sneak peak of the wedding. The bride & her parents collected old church pews for months before the wedding. All of the guests sat on old church pews or old vintage chairs. Look for more breath taking pictures to come!

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