Friday, March 30, 2012

Shealy's BBQ

Have you ever been introduced to something and you knew you’d never be the same? I have these heavenly moments with food. I had one the first time I went to Olive Garden and the first time I had a Bo-berry biscuit (I’m not exactly a high-end foodie).

This will be Ryan & me one day with our giant box of bo-berry biscuits.

I had another one of those moments last week when we were invited to eat at Shealy’s BBQ in Leesville, SC. The only thing I knew about Leesville, SC was the fact that it was connected to a town called Batesburg and their high school football team always kicked our butts. If I’m honest, most teams usually did.

Ryan was unusually excited to eat here and even called his Dad on the way to brag about it. I had no idea why, but I’d soon find out. John and Kelly White, who also own a State Farm close by, and have a son that played baseball in college with Ryan, invited us to eat with them Lucky for us, Shealy’s was half way between, so we decided to meet there.

Holy awesomeness. The gods of BBQ rained down that Thursday night and I found myself knuckle deep in sawmill gravy. My first trip to the buffet resulted in a plate piled way too high for me, but I wanted to try out everything. My second trip produced an entire plate of rice & the most incredible gravy I’d ever tasted. I’m debating taking Tupperware next time & sneaking some out.

We topped off our gluttony feast with banana pudding and other delectable desserts. Enough said. I need a nap just rehashing this.

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